Get Involved

Love sport? You can get involved in more ways than competing! We want to empower young people to make their own decisions, connecting them with the inspirational power of sport.

Getting involved in your local community can be immensely rewarding, letting you coach, make a difference and show how much you love sporting events.

Sports coaching provides college students with great experiences and skills to deliver a range of sports. Did you know that over 3000 students each year deliver sports coaching in Wales!

As well as being a rewarding experience, sports coaching can offer students employment opportunities in their local communities, work overseas and skills that can be carried over into other employment.

Please see below for some examples of sports coaching opportunities for College students.

  • Welsh Football Trust – Football Leaders Awards
  • Disability Sport Wales – Disability Inclusion Training
  • Hockey Wales – Hockey Leaders
  • Sports Leaders UK – Sports Leadership Awards
  • WRU – Rugby Coaching Awards
  • Welsh Netball – Netball Coaching Awards